DealRoom Platform Review

DealRoom Platform Review – Fully-Automated Investment Management System

Achieving the company’s strategic goals and implementing development programs is impossible without investments and, accordingly, without effective management offered by the DealRoom data room software. This article is an overview of this software vendor.

Investment management: why do you need to automate?

Management of investment activities is the most difficult task for a company engaged in project activities or capital construction of many facilities. In the Company’s investment activity, two levels can be distinguished: strategic and operational. At the strategic level, goals are formed, investment needs are analyzed, proposals are developed, projects are examined and selected for the investment program, and the investments’ effectiveness is assessed. The investment budget is formed and approved at the operational level, and its execution is monitored during project management.

The main stages of managing the company’s investment activities are:

  • Choosing an investment strategy for the company;
  • Management of employees’ investment initiatives;
  • Development and feasibility study of investment projects;
  • Formation of the company’s investment program;
  • Updating the investment program and investment projects in the course of their implementation;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the investment program and the implementation of individual investment projects of the company;
  • Post-investment monitoring and evaluation of the company’s investment activities results.

As we can see, organizing investment projects is a complex activity. Therefore, companies use innovative digital solutions to optimize these workflows. For example, introducing an automated control system on the virtual data room platform like DealRoom allows companies to support the implementation of complex tasks, providing an appropriate level of flexibility, scalability, and data security. The main task of solutions is to create an environment for information interaction between participants in project and investment activities to ensure the achievement of the company’s strategic goals.

DealRoom as an investment management solution

The DealRoom data room offers a comprehensive approach to building an effective investment management system for large and medium-sized businesses. It is an automated information system for managing a corporate investment program and projects that provide information support for the processes of the investment management system.

The system was developed considering the requirements of existing standards and the best world practices in investment, portfolio, program, and project management. Automation allows managers of various levels of management to receive the required information in real time for timely management decisions.

So, this software solution automates every step of the investment activity of a company and a holding and helps to manage a portfolio of investment projects and programs in a single information system (even when there are several tens of thousands of projects in the portfolio). In addition, the software allows you to maintain a portfolio of investment projects and evaluate their effectiveness, form and approve investment programs, monitor the performance of existing investment programs, and simulate new programs. The solution is configured with several user roles, each providing certain functionality.

The common DealRoom functions for organizing investment projects include:

  • Maintaining a list of investment projects and proposals for their placement
  • Organization of information interaction between the participants of the investment project
  • Planning events and activities for investment projects
  • Formation of statistical reporting

Thus, DealRoom helps to automate existing business processes for investment activities while significantly increasing their transparency and monitoring progress. The software creates a centralized repository of information on investment projects and allows you to standardize methods for calculating indicators for projects and programs. As a result, data on investment activity indicators will become accurate. 


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